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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tamalpais High Listening Session

Yesterday, 7 students participated in a Listening Session. It was the newly revamped format and wow were they great. Their insights, thoughts, comments, and discussion were all wonderful. It was an energetic group as well and the two paintings that came out of the session depict their vibrant humanity.

The new format is better in terms of content, but it ran long. About 30 minutes long, so the paintings at the end were rushed a bit. We had to move to the hall for the final presentations of the Listenings because our sponsoring teacher had to leave. While no one commented on the fact that they sat in desks, I personally did not like the barriers that they set up between us. Sofas and chairs are so much better.

Clean-up took a while as well and in fact we ended up driving home and cleaning some of it at the house because it got so late.

But overall, huge success. The concepts were wonderful. The paintings are beautiful. The students comments afterward about how much they enjoyed being a part of it were great to hear. Very positive.

I invite any of you who participated to chime in with your thoughts and comments. My thanks to Jean Marie, Yvannia and Shannon for their able participation. Shannon filmed the whole thing!

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Yvannia said...

Hey! Although they were in seats, I don't think the desks consciously hindered their sharing but perhaps subconsciously since it was more of a typical class setting. I did very much enjoy the whole process. I thought most of the kids were very honest and spoke maturely and confidently about their thoughts. They still have some growing to do but they are motivated, nice kids who gave us great feedback and creative enthusiasm. I hope to get the rest of the pics to show everyone how detailed they all got with the paintings. It was great to be surrounded by that energy and vigor. Thanks Charlie for organizing and the opportunity. I always thoroughly enjoy participating. Later :)