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Friday, June 19, 2009

Don Tapscott on Self Organization by Young People

This short video is a wonderful synopsis of the abilities of young people to create dramatic change in the world. It gives a short encapsulation of where we are and then discusses how young people have grown up in technology and thus are capable of using for tremendous good in the world. The video was created for corporate executives to view after NetChange - an event held in Toronto last week, so it might appear a bit odd for our purposes. But if you think about learning as you watch it, you will see the possibilities.

A message from Don Tapscott from SiG @ MaRS on Vimeo.

The ability of young people to self organize has massive implications for education. It is a given in young people's lives, yet it is not an integral part of their learning in schools. We must hold this possibility in deep regard as it is a way for young people to speak with their true voices in a manner that can come from the heart.