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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Synchronicity is So Beautiful

This week, I have had the wonderful pleasure of having Doug Cohen stay for a couple of days during one of his many sojourns around the planet. Doug is one of the true warriors for change and especially when it comes to affecting the life of young people. He is a tireless believer in the ability of young people to change the world. As a result, he works with them in many different capacities, but primarily in the area of leadership and sustainability. I have personally never met a more passionate connector - who must have hundreds of circles of people he knows and who has the mental capacity to keep them all straight!

For us, he is a big believer and champion in Imagine Learning. He has quietly been planting seeds in many places and whenever possible working to connect me to people who might be of benefit to us. I personally am so thankful he is in our lives.

Last night, Doug and Ishanna (another beautiful spirit and champion of IL) and I were meeting here at my house when Doug decided we needed to meet his young friend Te Raw as he called him. Turns out Te Raw is short for Te Rawhitiroa Bosch, a young man in his early 20's who lives and works in New Zealand. It seems Doug had been online Skypeing with him all while chatting with us. As you might imagine from his name, he is of Maori descent, and works as the National Youth Coordinator for the Enviroshools Foundation and has been recognized by the government as one of the young people in New Zealand who is making a significant impact on young people and the country.

As we introduced ourselves and got into the flow of the conversation, Ishanna asked Te Raw what he is working on currently and he replied, "we are putting a big conference on in early August, where we are bringing 250 kids from high schools together". Did he say the magic words "high schools"? We all laughed and I explained to him what Imagine Learning was and how we are getting ready to launch into 50 Listening Sessions around the world. He was really interested and asked to see information on the Listening Sessions and is going to look at the possibility of doing one or more! Can you imagine a Listening Session for 250? I can!

What makes this even more synchronous is that I was planning a trip to New Zealand in August to meet with Stella to work on the Imagine Learning curriculum! Perhaps the timing will work that I will be there when this all occurs. All this because Doug listened to his inner guidance. I love it!

It is nearly time to launch, so let's add significantly to our list of people who could conduct or arrange a Listening Session in the US or elsewhere in the world! And when you meet Doug (for you surely will at some point), be sure and thank him for his efforts.

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