Listening Session Paintings

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Listening Session with Marin School and MSA

This past week we conducted another Listening Session with six students from the Marin School and the Marin School of the Arts. The impetus for this came from Shannon Ryan, a rising junior at the Marin School. Jean Marie secured a couple of more participants and away we went.

We held the Listening Session in my house! The best part was creating the paintings out of doors on my deck. The session led to two original ideas and more information from the research. We are so excited about how these are progressing.

Jean Marie has lined up ten teachers and we are preparing to do a Listening Session with teachers in the near future.

I feel we are nearing the point where we can reach out and test these with folks in other parts of the country. The Field Guide (now in its eighth draft!) is nearing completion. If you are out of town and would like to lead one of these let us know. It's exciting to think about Listening Sessions being conducted in other parts of the country and on other continents.

I will post some photos of this Learning Session shortly. Our momentum is building. What do you feel called to do to help us grow?

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