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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Beautiful Prayer for Children

Yesterday, I read a beautiful prayer by the psychologist and author, Daphne Rose Kingma.  It is deeply moving and the essence of the prayer spoke to me directly about how the vision of Imagine Learning holds young people:

On this day, we pray for tender compassion on all the little ones, whose new souls, so fresh from the light, shine in our midst with a darling adorable brightness.  

May we honor them deeply, learn from them truly, respecting the deep wisdom they carry. Make us wise in our nurturing of them, generous in our loving, unending in our compassion, expansive with our wisdom, kind with our intelligence, and graceful with our hearts. Let us give to them and receive from them, and let it be known among us that they are neither our projects or our possessions, but messengers of light, illuminations of love.
                             - Daphne Rose Kingma

While this prayer begins with young babies, is there any question that no matter what age a young person is, that this stance would create a much different life experience, as well as a learning experience for each and every one?   

Learn from them truly, respecting the deep wisdom they carry......

Thank you Daphne.

Note: The prayer was included in a wonderful little book titled A Grateful Heart, edited by M.J. Ryan (which is full of quotes, prayers and writings on being grateful).