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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson and Why It Has to Be Changed

Our friend Prabhupad sent us this excellent expose by Sir Ken Robinson on the current system.  It is thoughtful, insightful and yet, what I really like is how he is standing up for the inner brilliance of all kids. The speech has been animated in wonderful way by RSAnimate ( as only they can do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's in a Name?

Hello Imagining Learning! Good-bye Imagine Learning.

For the past several months, I have been in deep meditation about the name Imagine Learning.  In August of this year, we received a very nasty letter from Imagine Learning, a software company that primarily sells software to individuals desiring to learn English as a second language.  They "demanded" that we discontinue the use of the name Imagine Learning.

As we do not sell any products at all and as we are a research effort trying to bring the voices of young people into the conversation about education, I do not believe we offer any threat to them at all. Still, they contend that the use of the name might confuse some of their customers.  After consulting with a wonderful lawyer, we determined that it would not be an affordable exercise to continue to pursue holding on to the name.

Many names came and went, but one day I was working on a new book about our effort thus far and I titled it Imagining Learning and the name really felt good.  It has a more active stance, a stance that is precisely what we are asking young people to do in the Listening Sessions. So after retooling everything, the web site, the blog, our Facebook page, business cards, logo, etc., we are now proceeding under the name Imagining Learning.

I like its intended action.  It is a statement about what we are all involved in on an ongoing basis. It is a call to create.

Our new web address is:
Our new blog address is

We are excited about the prospects for this coming year and look forward to continuing to meet many more young people as we lead the Listening Sessions.