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Saturday, March 31, 2012

We Celebrate the Arrival of David Loitz

I am absolutely delighted to celebrate the arrival of David Loitz as Seed Steward for Imagining Learning. I met David last summer on Orcas Island (WA). Filled with passion, a deep love of young people and an undying commitment to changing the education system, we hit it off immediately.

A filmmaker, getting his Master’s degree in holistic childhood education at Goddard College with the intent to found his own radical new notion of education, David was passionate about our work and wanted to help us bring it more fully into fruition.  We began a series of talks, once a week for a while and every time, a deep synergy existed between us.  He has such a knowledge of education; many connections to those creating change; and is really connected in with young people who are taking up the call for a true revolution. He is a passionate blogger about education and involved in more education movement organizations than I count.

One day out of the blue an email came from him asking if he could serve as a steward for Imagining Learning.  I rejoiced on the spot. Kind of like when you get a letter informing you the IRS made an million dollar error on your taxes in your favor.  It is wonderful when you see someone bring a chair with them into your circle and declare their intent to sit and make a contribution. Co-creation is where it’s at.

We talked a long time about the future possibilities for Imagining Learning’s work, particularly the Listening Sessions.  He is keen to learn about them and to lead them himself. He took over the Facebook page, which had languished in the move this past year and its participation is up like 700%. He has been helping me with the publication of articles, too.

So we decided on a title: Seed Steward.  He is a connector, a nourisher of this seed called Imagining Learning. He will feed it with ideas, energy, people, especially young people and provide new power into the DNA of Imagining Learning. This week we are meeting in Portland to discuss the many possibilities for Imagining Learning’s future. We are also going to introduce him to two Listening Sessions, which it will be wonderful to receive his feedback and for him to meet the young people who are coming. He is going to introduce me to some of his friends here in Portland. I should have mentioned he lives in Eugene with his beautiful partner Marta who is an architecture student committed to creating innovative new learning environments for children.

So I celebrate his arrival and really look forward to all that he is going to do to bring the voices of young people into a collective that cannot be ignored or denied any longer. Please join me in welcoming him!!!

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