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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Imagining Learning Lands In Portland

In front of the Mark Spencer Hotel

I just arrived in Portland for a week where we have a busy schedule, including 2 Listening Sessions.  Aside from the Listening Sessions, I will be spending time with our newest member, David Loitz, Seed Steward of Imagining Learning. I will introduce David in the next post where I can do him the justice he deserves.

David and I will be planning a year of activities and new ideas for Imagining Learning. In addition, we will be meeting many people who are helping to pioneer the new frontier of education.  On Thursday and Friday, we will be leading Listening Sessions.  The first session will be comprised mainly from Cleveland High School ( and the Leadership and Entrepreneurship High School (LEP) ( We want to thank Violet Trachtenberg, a student at Cleveland who has been recruiting other students and also Lorna Fast Buffalo Horse, the Principle of LEP for working so hard to get us a wonderful group of students.

The second group of students will be coming from the Village Home Education Resource Center (, a learning community for families who home school in the Portland area.  Special thanks goes out to Lori Walker, the Founder and Executive Director, who found out we were coming to Portland two days before Spring Break and still has managed to find the students to participate.  She called me and had heard about our efforts through the grapevine of people who were recruiting students. Thank you Lori.

We will also be meeting with Ba Livmour, a beautiful soul who, along with his wife Josette and their daughter Kara, offer Portland the Summa Institute, the "first educational institute supporting children, families and professionals. We are grounded in the Natural Learning Relationships approach to human development (which they have pioneered). You can read all about their amazing efforts at www. I met Josette and Ba on Orcas Island last year at the Pacific Northwest Alternative Education Conference. Ba has offered to share some ideas on ways to make Listening Session's more universally appealing. We look forward to sharing and learning more about the institute as well.

We will also be meeting with Jaime Woods, the founder of Dream School Commons, ( Jaime's purpose in founding the Dream School Commons on the web is "to collect in one place the most innovative ideas related to education, to design new schools that embody these philosophies, and to find sponsorship in order to provide low cost or no cost dream schools for populations in need." Beautiful.  We look forward to meeting her.  She is coming to the Listening Session on Thursday.

We look forward to sharing all that transpires in this wonderful week ahead.

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