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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Orcas Island - Here We Come!

On March 9, we will be on Orcas Island in Washington state to facilitate a Listening Session and we can't wait to get there!  One morning, like any other morning, I was reading my email and there was one for Imagine Learning from Samara Shaw inviting us to come to Orcas to do a Listening Session.  We called and spoke with her and set the dates and now we are making preparations to meet the young people of Orcas.

Samara has a deep belief that a new learning journey for young people needs to be created and she spoke about the desire of the island to recreate its systems to really support young people in their growth and learning.

In her email to me, she wrote: "We envision our island of a population of 5,000,  becoming a model sustainable community, providing programs for young people to learn about sustainable education, living, community building, etc."  What a beautiful intention they are holding and we really are looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all they they are doing and planning.  

Here's a little map I found on the web.  As you can see it has a very unique horseshoe shape and is filled with natural beauty.

It is located in the San Juan Archipelago of Islands in the Northwest portion of Washington State. There are somewhere around 743 islands, islets and reefs at low tide. Of that many only 172 are named and out of these only thirty are inhabited. Orcas is the largest of all of the San Juan islands. I have visited the San Juans several times before (but never Orcas) and they are remarkably beautiful.

Many thanks to Samara for her gracious invitation.  See you soon, Orcas!

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