Listening Session Paintings

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Listening Session Paintings from The Center School

These are the two paintings that came out of the two groups from The Center School. Both contain wonderful stories. The first I call "Always More", which says it all right there, but notice how the group focused on the middle of the tree, ignoring the roots and the upper portions. Each branch is a branch of opportunity leading to a new learning experience. All of the splatters represent creativity that is raining down on everything. The building signifies the more industrial side of the experience, while the red sun dominates the picture with its vitality and liveliness. The clouds express such feelings as love and that even though things can go wrong their is another always another chance.

The second painting I have dubbed "Eye of the Beholder". It has been designed to represent several stories. Moving vertically from the bottom right, the drawing signifies coming into
the learning experience rather unformed and then as you emerge from it, you explode into the world. The top right stands for no matter what you do, you can always bring creativity into it. The top left has the words live, love and laugh, expressing values the experience would offer as well as a sense of being free. Finally, the eye is the wisdom gained from the experience.

Both are wonderful. Thanks to all of you for participating!

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