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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to Test the Field Guide

For the past six months or so we have been writing a Field Guide to Conducting Listening Sessions (thanks to the Core Team for their input on this). This is an essential part of the program as it enables us to involve others in the conducting the research and means we will not have to be everywhere in the world to lead the Listening Sessions as well.

So we are going to begin testing it in other areas of the country. The first champion to step to the plate is Chelsea Kouns. Yeah, Chelsea! She lives in Ashville, NC and has been an ardent supporter for a long time. She has volunteered to try this as if she were a new member of the team. During the next two weeks, she is going to put her three person team together, hold a meeting and begin the process of lining up the young people for the Listening Session.

As I discussed this tonight, I already see we are going to need to send people a kit of information to have when they go and talk to other organizations about sponsoring the Listening Session. I use a few photos and talk people through it. We also sometimes show the video. No matter how it is done, people are going to need something to look at! So that is the next effort (probably on the plane to New Zealand).

You can check Chelsea out at her blog which is listed in the Great Links section. Aleima Soeparto is our next potenital candidate for testing the Field Guide in another country (Jakarta, Indonesia) and La Leatha Ryan (Detroit, MI) has said she would be willing to try it as well. Once the test is done, we will know a) whether we can do it this way and b) what needs to be changed to make it work together. Onward!

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